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Oxygen Ventures

Oxygen Ventures

Boldly different branding and website development for a not so run-of-the-mill Melbourne-based Venture Capital firm.

Not your average Venture Capital firm, Oxygen Ventures adopts a hands-on approach to the development of its investments. I designed a vibrant site, imbued with the same intrepid qualities as the firm itself. As always, my design was enhanced by transparency, keeping content to a minimum but never degrading the depth of communication. From clear copywriting to visionary design and technically sound development, I created a platform for Oxygen Ventures to showcase their notable pedigree, while also enticing potential founders to submit their ideas. Navigation is easy, and submission of a pitch equally so, meaning founders know what they’re getting and my client improves its chances of stumbling on the next big thing.

Work completed whilst Creative Director at Hype49. ©Hype49 Design and Development.